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A trail is a journey. Enjoy the journey.


You can spend hours enjoying nature on more than 3 miles of peaceful trails at Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve.

Get a preview of what's in store below!

Please note that walking pets, running, and biking are strictly prohibited. 


Lake Ballard Trail

1 mile - Easy Terrain

The Lake Ballard Trail circles around Lake Ballard, which is the centerpiece of the Preserve. It is almost exactly one mile around, making it ideal for a perfect peaceful walk. This is the widest trail within the preserve and leads to decks overlooking the lake and creek.


Homestead Trail

1/3 mile - Uneven Terrain

The Homestead Trail meanders through the northern woodlands area of the preserve. This trail leads to the Willet Bird Blind at the extreme North West corner of the preserve. This area is where the goatscaping will take place to mitigate invasive wisteria.


Bluebird Trail

1/4 mile - Even Terrain

The Bluebird Trail, which extends from the southeast corner of the Lake Ballard Trail, leads past the southern entrance to the Riparian Trail out to the Salt Marsh Deck. Make your way through this meadow habitat and enjoy the sweet-smelling mountain mint and wildflowers. Look out for the foxes which have made a home alongside this gorgeous trail!


Kids Trail

1/4 mile - Uneven Terrain

The Kids Trail extends from the Pavilion through the northeast section of woodlands. It is an easy and neat hike for the little ones. Keep your eye out for fascinating creatures, plants, and fungi along the way for innumerable teachable moments.


Riparian Trail

1/2 mile - Uneven Terrain

The Riparian Trail curves along the shoreline of Hoffler Creek, winding through the Southern woodlands and alongside a rich salt marsh. Towards the western end of this trail, you will find the White Bird Blind, where you can peacefully observe egrets, herons, ospreys, and other wildlife from partial concealment.

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