Research and Science

There are a number of ongoing internships and community science outreach programs happening right here in our own back yard! Our 2021 STEM Interns from VMASC and the IncuHub have put together this space to documents some of these efforts. See below for more details!

The Summer STEM Internship from VMASC and the IncuHub

For the second year in a row, VMASC and the IncuHub have come together to create incredible opportunities for underserved populations in Hampton Roads. This year, several top-performing students were selected from IC Norcom High School in Portsmouth to participate in the program. 

The paid internship was hosted at Hoffler Creek, and focused on STEM based entrepreneurship in the fields of ecology and environmental science. It was these interns who curated content for and composed the 'Discover' section of this website. Between getting their hands dirty mitigating invasive species or working at the Living Shoreline, These exceptional students were able to attend several presentations from high-profile career scientists from this area.


Speakers this year included:

  • Dr. Sophie Clayton and team - Oceanographers and microbiologists from ODU, who gave a presentation about the fascinating world of water-based microbiology

  • Dr. John Adam - A mathematician and author from ODU who gave a presentation about the math and patterns found in nature

  • Dr. Brian Killough - A Scientist from NASA who showed the interns how to access and use Satellite data for citizen science, and even track the spread of wisteria in the preserve!

  • Samantha Sammons from the Oakland Zoo, who gave a talk about environmental conservation

  • and more!

WTKR News 3 Interviewed  out to document the internship this year, and generated some good press for everyone involved.

"My favorite thing about the internship was getting to hear from all of the experts and scientists; Dr. Sophie Clayton was my favorite - I am now definitely looking into Marine biology as a valid career option!"

          ~Kayla, 2021 Intern


The Living Shoreline

TK - this section will be the living shoreline project


Tick Research

Dr. Holly Gaff and ODU's Tick Research Team study the tick populations at Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve. As one of the 12 field sites the team visits, 


The Goat Program

TK - this section will be about the Goat Program