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Discover Science!

As a rare bastion of nature in the heart of a highly developed urban area, Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve has also become a hotbed of science and research, and is host to several STEM internships and outreach programs. The 2021 Summer interns from VMASC and the IncuHub put together this section to document a few of the many things to be discovered here!

Discover Hoffler Creek :

Check out a few of the destinations and installations to be discovered here before you visit. There is always something new to discover!

This is just a start for documenting the many different plants and critters that call this place home.


Get a preview of some of the trails, and pick your favorite before your visit. Gotta hike 'em all!

Check out some of the fascinating research going on at the Preserve right now. Discover how we are a haven for wildlife AND for science!


Learn about the distinct  habitats being preserved here - including photos, descriptions, and external links to more information

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