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Hoffler Creek Wildlife Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, manages Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve for conservation, education, research, and recreation. Some of the programs that help us accomplish this mission include Oyster Restoration, Water Quality Monitoring, and Kayak Lessons, Tours, & Rentals


This summer, vandals set fire to the Creekside Lab, a hub for these activities. The flames destroyed the lab, its contents, and the fleet of kayaks stored nearby. As news of the fire spread, folks near and far asked, "How can I help?". To those who reached out, thank you for your patience as we mapped out a plan for moving forward. We are now working towards a definitive goal that we hope to achieve with your support.

This Giving Tuesday, help us “Rise from the Ashes” as we rebuild the lab and enhance the projects it facilitates. We believe that people from all walks of life should have access to natural spaces that cultivate a passion for conservation and exploration. You can help ensure HCWP reaches its fullest potential, welcoming students, teachers, nature enthusiasts, and even those unsure of the great outdoors. Are you in?

Keep scrolling to learn about each of the initiatives that your generous donation will bolster.


Hoffler Creek, a 2.1-mile-long inlet of the James River, provides endless possibilities for recreation. The kayaking program at HCWP is the only one of its kind in Portsmouth, providing all the equipment experienced and novice mariners need to safely explore the creek through rentals, guided tours, and kayaking lessons. Paddling regularly connects local youth with the outdoors, empowering them to continue exploring wild spaces in the future. 

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