Hike the Trails

Spanning 142 acres, there is plenty to see and do at Hoffler Creek!

Hike over 3 miles of trails to experience 4 separate habitats: a riparian forest filled with pines and hardwoods, a meadow of native wildflowers and grasses, a non-tidal brackish lake, and a tidal creek with its expansive salt marsh. 

Experience the creek first hand with our kayak rentals. Choose from self-guided paddles or expert led tours offered mid-April through October. Find more information about kayaking here.

Whether exploring on land or on water, be sure to look out for local wildlife. From larger mammals like deer and foxes to turtles and lizards no longer than a few inches, myriad animals have made Hoffler Creek home. More than 200 species of birds have been identified here making it a haven for local birders. Let us know what you see when you visit!

With decks overlooking the lake, the creek, and the salt marsh along with bird blinds located throughout the Preserve, there are a number of locations to take in all of the beautiful views Hoffler Creek has to offer. Come by and see for yourself!

To protect the habitat and wildlife at Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve, the following are prohibited:

Fishing, Running, Biking, Smoking, and Pets

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